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Aimpoint, CQBR, Mk 18 Mod 0, NSWC Crane, Projekt Monark -

In June of 2017, tinycrumb launched with the drop of its first patch, the Mk 18 Mod 0. It seemed right to start with this iconic firearm as it was one of the first clones I ever built, and the 10.3” CQBR series is what got me into cloning U.S. mil rifles in the first place. The patch was a great success, selling out in minutes, and ensuring that these little rifle model patches would keep coming. Later that year we would collaborate with Projekt Monark and do one of our only non-rifle patches, the Mk 18 Mod 0 Crane...

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300 Blackout, Gear Review, NSW, Sig Rattler, Wilcox Industries -

Optics for 300 blackout have been a little tricky given that people like to run both supersonic and subsonic ammunition regularly. The impact shift between these two categories of rounds can be dramatic, leaving people with tough decision on how to zero their gun. The most common practice seems to be zeroing a red dot for your most common super load and then learning your hold overs for subs. There have been a few solutions that promise to solve for a double zero, such as dual reticles like the Leupold Mark 4 or the Eotech HWS 300. But a few years...

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