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The iconic Heckler & Koch MP7A1 hook-backed vinyl patch. Incredibly detailed and ready to slap on all your favorite loop gear. This H&K MP7A1 patch comes in 2 distinct versions - one with the stock and forward grip collapsed and another with them expanded.


Ordering 1x MP7A1 patch will you get one of the versions picked at random. If you order 2x, we will do our best based on availability to include both versions.


High quality, soft PVC vinyl patch. Expanded version:

  • Velcro "Loop & Hook" backing
  • 3.93" x 1.76"

 Collapsed Version:

  • Velcro "Loop & Hook" backing
  • 3.15" x 1.55"


Each patch will be a limited run and is made to scale relative to the other patches in our series. The tinycrumb rifle patches are not associated with any other patch maker or company. Don't miss out!